Thursday, November 22, 2007

A little poetry for my artist friends on thanksgiving

i found this book at DOGSTAR. my friend Lhaw's (my thai neighbor that i love) husband owns it.

it was autographed and everything!

and the recipes make you barf. German yuckiness. i am part German so no offense. German food in this particular book is absurd. BUT the manner in which it is written will have you in stitches. notice the artist's breakfast is served with beer. the chapter is called "A Snack With Your Mid-Morning Drink".
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coalition Reminder and Christmas Album

Just wanted to remind everyone that December 1st is the first gathering of the We're Just Artists Coalition. Come around dinner time and we'll either order vitamin P or we can potluck it. I'd like for us to hang out and share what we're doing artistically and what visions we have for the Coalition.

ALSO did you know that the Make and Send Website contributors are making their 2nd annual Christmas Album??? Well they are. You can download last year's songs AND the album cover artwork (all art done by Russell, the best artist brother i ever had) all for free on the site.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

my "stitch" effort

I bought this book "sock + glove" to use for my art club after school. It shows ways to create little stuffed friends from socks or gloves. An old pair of blue socks I had had stuffed in the back of my drawer since college were perfect for the elephant. This is my feeble attempt... not quite like the book, but still sweet, I just need some practice!

I also broke out the crochet needle for a new scarf. So far, so good.