Tuesday, October 16, 2007


i made a stick guitar today. my own design. i used the strings you got me that broke my guitar, and the extra tuning machines i got to fix my guitar. the black bars are pieces of a comb i put knotches in. it has some major drawbacks though, like, its not in any kind of real tune. not sure if it even can be..... stand alone it sounds like an unpluged electric guitar. but if i press it up against various things i can get varied effects. coffee can sounds neat with a twang to it, when i press it next to the tambourine it almost sounds banjoish, and when i press it on the body of guitar and ukelele it gets louder with the box to resonate in. it should be good for a song or two in the future. i had a better piece of wood that i was going to make it out of but it requires more sawing and such and the piece i ended up using was perfect width. so there you have it.....stick guitar.
(*text taken from an email)

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Cheilita said...

I am genuinely impressed little brother! you are too cool for school and for this coalition. not really. you're just the right cool.