Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Guess what avreage neighborhood student teacher got his mug on television tonight. He was interviewed for bringing the Radical Jewelry Makeover to Hempfield High School. He looked stupid on TV, but for a student teacher to be on TV is pretty good I think.


amy said...

That's so cool!!! any links to the footage?

christina t miller said...


Christina Miller here - I think this is fantastic and the article in the Intelligencer Journal is great. I love that the reporter included the ideas of the students. The creative process in action.

Hey, may I be part of your blog? I love the title.


tiny bits of lauv said...

christina you can absolutely be part of this coalition!!! let me know your email...you did the right thing - you asked. now your in!!! lol

Cheilita said...

that's right! you MUST WANT to be part.