Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Food As Art

this is just an idea but since we are starting this coalition, we might as well cook too. how bout a first meeting/dinner of the coalition members? maybe everyone could make something artistic to eat and or drink.
please and or thankyou(s)
con carino,
connie cheila huettner maria josephina abejita honeypot (jr.)


Cheilita said...

shouldn't we all have rediculously long nick names? as part of the coalition i mean. no that's dumb isn't it.

amy said...

ooohh oohhhh my name is so little, a long one would be fun!
I love the artistic meal to begin!

tiny bits of lauv said...

no...i like it! no...i lauv it! hmmm....maybe we should bless each other with names as part of an initiation! lol!