Thursday, July 19, 2007

glass vessel workshop part II

So, I'm going to have to work out the process for myself also, but don't foresee any problems. I will shortly be placing an order for enamels for window glass. The one major issue we might have will be kiln space. I only have a small enameling kiln(compared to a clay kiln). This would mean only one person could fire at a time. This may not be an issue dependent on the annealling process needed for the glass I end up using. If any of you have a clay kiln it may be much better as we could all fire at the same time. There could , however, be advantages to firing individually i.e., different levels of melting etc. Finally, anyone who wishes to is strongly encouraged to make their own slumping mold and kiln wash it. Keep in my that my kiln dimensions are 8"x10"x3.5".

P.S.: srong words used in previous post were, of course, all in jest!!

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