Thursday, July 5, 2007

what i'm thinking...

well this is a grassroots effort to show the world that there are some people walking among us that are "just artists". you might not know by the shoes we wear or the lingo we speak, but you may by the amazing work we create on a daily basis.

back in the day, nate, chei and i sat in the dining room on east orange street and began to talk. talk about our work and how since college we hadn't really been critiqued. we were falling off into a world of shitty jobs and our passion for the process of our art was too. we needed to be accountable. so, we decided that every thursday evening we would get together and bring "something" to be critiqued. we did it too. we faithfully would get together with our work and talk. there were weeks, well most weeks that we were scrambling around wednesday evening trying to have something ready. but, nonetheless our minds and hands were immersed in art again - at least on a weekly basis.

i can remember one night so vividly - it was 2001. not long after september eleventh - our "assignment" the week before was to work on something inspired by the events. it was great...we were laughing, crying - actually alot if i remember correctly, and our work was so raw. it felt great.

after a few months of our "art circle", we decided that we should invite any of our friends or acquaintances that wanted to join us. there were weeks with still just the founding three, many weeks matt joined us and there we times we had a party and invited practically any person any of us knew who was "creating" something. from poets to musicians to name it, we had a mix. great times.

all of this being said, i never felt judged. never felt like i had to be a certain type of person to be in this group. so...that being said. i say, well...cheila and i said that it's time for the next level of art circle. we are all creating, working in our medium on a very regualar basis and we need each other. this time we're coming in loud and proud with a new name...the "we're just artists coalition".

i love it...cause that's what we are...just artists!
we are educated.
we are embracing.
we are talented.
we are each unique in our own way.
we are dancers.
we are friends.
we are open.
we are curious.
we are trying to make it as artists.
we are eclectic.
we are passionate.
we are important.

we are just artists! now let's just get out there and just create!

what do you say? is it time for a meeting all of you peeps that helped start the first art circle?


Cheilita said...

awesome. can i post on this too? i am a founder and all....:)

Cheilita said...

one more thing. nate just asked to join and i said yes, you must show the desire to join, we will extend no invites to the faint of heart.HA!!!!!!!!

amy said...

me too... me too!!!!